Its probable that you have some questions which are commonly asked and in this page we have answered them.

How much costs me to use Venus Dream Deal services?

Product : Mazafati Dates (first-grade)
Price : … $ per kg, CIF (… Port)
Payment : 30% prepayment and 70% against custom documents
Packing : 550-600 gr each small box and 7 to 7.2 kg mother box, best cargo for export, with the trademark that customer suggests

How is the packing get done?

Normally Mazafati Dates are packed in 550-600 gram boxes and each 12 small boxes are also placed in a cardboard mother box. Having a customer centric approach, we are ready to provide Mazafati Dates in any kind of packing, size, weight and trademark that the customers suggest.

How many container does Venus Dream Deal have?

– 20 foot container: 21 ~ 22 MT
– 40 foot container: 24 MT

What is the exact specification of boxes?

– Each 20 foot container has 21~22 MT of Mazafati Dates.
So the number of mother card board boxes is about: 22,000/7=3,142 And the number of small boxes is about= 3,14212=37,704 -Each 40 foot container has 24 MT of Mazafati Dates. So the number of mother card board boxes is about: 24,000/7=3,428 And the number of small boxes is about=3,42812=41,136

How much is the delivery duration to India?

Loading in our cold storage (Bam): About 2 days
From cold storage to loading port (Bandar Abbas): About 2 days
Preparing documents and loading in Bandar Abbas: About 3~4 days
From Bandar Abbas to Indian port: Usually about 7 to 10 days

What about shelf time?

Two years in cold storage

How much is the temperature of cold storage?

Its 0 C

How many is the MOQ (minimum order quantity)?

One 20 foot container: 21~22 Mt

What documents are provided by our company?

We give BRC certificate and standard certificate to costumers

What is the HS code?

Its 08041020

When is the time of harvesting?

Its between July and August

Is it possible for Venus Dream Deal to send samples?

Due to the USA sanctions, international post services have closed their offices in Iran so it is not possible for us.

Asking information of our customers in their countries:

Due to the rules of company, customers Info are private.

Is LC possible?

Because of USA sanctions against Iran, It is not possible for us.

How is the conditions for LCL (less container load)?

The customer can buy other cargoes from Iran to fill the container completely, otherwise whether we can do it or not just depends on the time and market

What is the specification of the small box layers?

We use 5 layers small cardboard boxes which are suitable for export.

What is the number of dates in a small box?

About 48 Mazafati Dates are in a small box.

How much is the weight of each date?

About 10 to 13 gram

What about quality of dates?

We supply premium, dark black(new crop), low juice(high juice dates are not suitable for export), hand-selected, fleshy and sweet Mazafati dates.

What is the minimum quantity that Venus Dream Deal can supply per month?

We can supply any quantity that the customers ask for but due to the season the price may change.

Do we print the name of “Amoot Iranian” on our boxes?

We prepare the boxes with “Camel” trademark. Also we can prepare boxes with any suggested trademark and design.

How can I become your representative?

We can sign and stamp a letter which indicates a person as our representative in any country and then he should add his commission to our net price.

Do Venus Dream Deal provides TDS (technical data sheet)?

We can send it for Iranian buyers as it is in Persian. Better to prepare an English one.

Is it Organic and ask a certification for this issue?

We should provide a certification which shows it.